Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting Close

Just a couple of days out and we're right at the 50 team mark! We might have a few last minute editions as teams are bounced from the AVP in Glendale. The weather is looking great for this weekend, upper 80's and sunshine. Just found out that 93.3 Kob will be announcing the event on their morning show Friday AM! Hopefully we'll get some more media covering the event as well. It's looking like pool play for all divisions other than open, which will be double elim match play. The Albuquerque Rebels Volleyball Club will be selling food and snacks to raise money. Don't forget about the players party Saturday night at Sneakerz.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beach Volleyball in the Desert!

Big things are coming together for the Sandia Mountain Volleyball Classic (SMVC)! With more and more players signing up as we approach the registration deadline, we're looking at some quality teams from different parts of the country and filling all the divisions. Sponsors are coming up big time, we've now got cash and prizes in excess of $4,000 - yes Four Thousand Dollars! The player party is shaping up to take place at Sneakerz Sports Bar on Saturday night, and is just a part of all the festivities to take place during the weekend. The host hotel, Motel 6 is offering a killer rate for the event - $36/ night and super close to the event - so all you outta'towners have no excuse for not coming down and helping make this one of the most exciting volleyball events NM has ever seen! So, get your team registered, call Sonny if you have any troubles, and come on down and be a part of something so super-huge, it will make you cry! Here are a few pictures from the event site, to get you all super excited!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



· Volleyball is the second most popular amateur participatory team sport in the United States trailing only basketball.

· The sport is growing at the rate of over ten percent each year.

· 800 million people play volleyball in 210 countries-46 million in the U.S. 650 million in 178 countries, by comparison, play soccer.

· Volleyball is three and a half times bigger than tennis, golf, and other sports that are considered to be lifetime sports.

· It is a game played nearly 50-50 by men and women.

· 58 percent of participants are between the ages of 18 and 34.

· Beach volleyball debuted as a medal sport in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

· Nationwide, 38 million people play volleyball 25 times or more per year.

· Volleyball is an American game originated in Holyoke, Massachusetts 110 years ago.